Welcome to my little repository of useful and not-so-useful things. There is not much to see here, but feel free to take a look around.

In case you’re wondering - no I’m not color blind or something. I don’t like the colors of this page either, but since there’s not much to see I don’t really care.

Oh, and if you’re interested in my work as a DSP developer, check out my company’s web site at www.dspdimension.com


Stuff to check out:

  1. BetterCocoaAU - A Cocoa AU replacement template for Apple’s buggy built-in one (code from 2008)

  2. Andy DeTorres - Andy DeTorres Java Pitch Changer code (his site seems to be down)

  3. sonicWORX MacOS 9 ASIO drivers - drivers for the discontinued version of sonicWORX for MacOS 9

  4. my music - stuff that I composed etc.

  5. Neuron synth Facebook page

  6. Me on Twitter